Voyages by Gauguin from Paul Gauguin Cruises on Vimeo.

This video is showcasing experiences guests will have on board The Gauguin and with shore excursions.

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South Pacific & Tahiti

     Sixth Star Travel is proud to have several agents who have obtained Tahiti Tiare status.  These agents specialize in the area and have traveled, hosted and spent many days, hours and weeks training and familiarizing themselves with every aspect of this tropical paradise.  Contact us to reserve your Virtuoso hosted luxury cruise in this tropical destination.
It takes under 8 hours to  fly from Los Angeles to Tahiti.  Many times we have specials that will include this air fare.
The time difference between Tahiti and the USA is only 2 hours.
Tahiti is composed of 118 islands, atolls and motus spread across the size of a continent